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As a public agency, we strive to include and work with as many of our state’s citizens as possible. The internet gives us a variety of ways to communicate with you, and for you to communicate with us. And conversation is what this online forum is all about!

Our chance to listen
As issues arise, Ecology often conducts public meetings to share information and to ask for ideas and feedback. We know that it’s not always possible for folks to attend these meetings. This online forum gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts when it’s convenient for you. And it saves resources, as well, as no travel is involved. This online forum does not take the place of formal public meetings and hearings; rather, it gives all of us another avenue for sharing and communicating.

The topics we cover on this forum will have limited time frames for accepting comments; however, all conversations are archived and available for viewing. When the forum is not live, we encourage you to contact us via email.

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Please see our how to page, where you’ll find helpful instructions as well as our policy for civil discourse.

Welcome, and thank you for your time and interest in working with us for a better Washington!

CURRENT TOPIC: Climate change and the Washington Clean Air Plan

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